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Practical Potions 1: E-Course Apprenticeship Adventure

The Northern Star College offers a Practical Potions, Aromatherapy Program, e-course. We also have Distance Education Courses available.


Practical Potions 1: E-Course Apprenticeship Adventure

Explore the pleasurable and healing art of Aromatherapy. Bring the potent and disinfecting aspects of essential oils into your home and toss out the harsh chemicals. Heighten your creativity as you learn to work with natural, plant extracts and save money too! Learn about Practical Potions, Aromatherapy, Introductory, E-Course, below.

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Welcome to the Northern Star College
of Mystical Studies, E-Course about Aromatherapy-
The Practical Potions, Apprentice Ship Adventure!

We are happy to have you join us to learn more about aromatherapy.

How to Navigate Your Adventure-

Units & Lessons:

Below you will see all the Units and Lessons of this course. Click on “Show Lessons” on the right, to see all the lessons of each unit. Click on the lesson title to access it. The “Unit” buttons do not access classes, only the “Lesson”, buttons.

Course Schedule for Free Cruise Passengers- check your e-course daily, to discover a new lesson a day, for 5-days.

Course Schedule for Apprentice Ship and Pleasure Cruise Students:

Lessons will be available after you purchase the course. Please do them one at a time, without too much peaking ahead :). Moving sequentially will allow a more thorough experience.

Moving Forward in the Aromatherapy Lessons:

Within each lesson, you will see a “Mark Complete” button. When you’ve completed a lesson, including the exercises in your journal, click this so you can track your course progress and get access to the new lessons. If you are unable to access a lesson the instructor may not have released it yet. You can always check with an email

Animated Helpers:

There are many animated helpers, like Jo Anna the tour guide, on this journey. If they ever get in the way of you pressing the “next” button to move forward in a lesson, hover over the animated figure with your cursor, until an x appears. Press the x and the helper will temporarily disappear. You may get the animated helper back by pressing the refresh button at the top of your screen. Also, the helper sometimes talks when you are trying to watch a video or read. If you hover over the character a mute button will appear. Press the mute symbol and the animation will be silenced. Press it again to resume its speech.

There is much aromatic territory to explore. Let’s Begin.

Enjoy the Aromatic Adventure, and Welcome Aboard!

If you have questions about administration, please contact our office- Catherine

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