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D. Government Regulations, Forms and Stability Testing

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Health Canada Regulations-

As discussed in Practical Potions 1, Canada now has requirements for those of us selling cosmetics. This will not apply for home use or family. Here is a link to the guidelines explained earlier.

Many regulations for cosmetics exist in Canada. The link below will help direct you.

Government Forms For Product Submission

If you choose to market your products you will need to fill in forms for each product you decide to sell. This does not apply to products made and used for personal or family purposes.

Here is a link to the guidelines.

If you experience any issues with submitting your form, please contact for assistance.

Notify Health Canada about a cosmetic by filling out the Cosmetic Notification Form.

Submit additional documents related to your cosmetic product after a notification has been sent

Review the Guidance document: How to complete a Cosmetic Notification Form to ensure the cosmetic notification forms are completed correctly.

Do you need help submitting your HTML form?

Essentials of Stability Testing in Skincare Formulation

Hello! Let’s focus on the crucial aspect of maintaining the stability of your skincare products. Keeping a close eye on the pH levels and the effectiveness of preservatives is essential in this journey.

It’s important to regularly monitor the pH of your product. If you wish to sell a product over the long term you need to know how long it stays stable.

To do this it is suggested that you conduct pH tests at the time of production and then again at intervals of 1, 3, 6, 12, 18, 24, and 30 months. This consistent monitoring is vital for ensuring the preservatives are functioning correctly.

For people very serious about selling a product over time getting outside sources to test is valuable, but pricey. This is not for everyone! Another critical test is the preservative efficacy test, also known as challenge testing. This requires a lab’s expertise. The test involves exposing your product to microorganisms to evaluate its ability to prevent microbial growth. This test is especially important for determining the most suitable preservative and its minimum effective concentration.

For effective stability test management, you might consider creating a database- maintain a detailed spreadsheet for each product you are selling commercially. This should include information like:

Production date and batch number
Batch size
pH values at various intervals
Observations on the product’s appearance, texture, and scent over time
Results from accelerated stability tests
Adopting a systematic approach to batch numbering is also beneficial. For instance, for a product like a Rose Facial Cream made in 2024, a batch might be labelled as “RFC-24-05” for the fifth batch of that year. This code should be included in your spreadsheet and on the product packaging for easy tracking.

This approach is not just about organization; it’s about ensuring product quality, facilitating any necessary recalls, and improving inventory management.

I do not have expertise with this issue, but this guy, Perry Romanowski does. He’s not Canadian but is an expert in many areas, including Stability Testing.

Prospector: Stability Testing

Table of Content

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