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B. The Flowers

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(Rosa woodsii)


KEYWORDS – Joy, love, dealing with grief.

The color of Alberta’s Wild Rose ranges from white to intense pink. It is related to the heart chakra, both in its color and in the shape of individual petals. It has been known through time as the flower of love. While the flower opens it forms a cup shape, receptive and gentle. As the five-petaled flower blooms it releases a magnificent scent. Its perfume to me, is one of the most appealing in the prairie summer, delicate enough to attract devas and encourage the birds and butterflies to mate in blissful union.

Yet the rose is a study in contrasts, gentle color and scent, fierce barbs for protection and a determined forceful root system, allow it to grow in situations that are less than optimal for many plants. The Alberta Wild Rose is a flower of replenishment. Its physical properties reflect its use. The gentleness of the color and odor mirrors its ability to bring hope. Its tenacious roots show an aptitude to hold on, even when it feels bleak or hopeless. The Wild Rose barbs represent the self-preserving, instinct useful for protecting itself and others around it.

This flower essence may be applicable if there is a tendency toward apathy. The person may indicate that they are in a life situation that deadens, them rather than nourishes them, but they need to hang on and survive until the situation improves.

This essence also helps us deal with the most difficult transition in our experience – death. This essence may aid us when facing that grief. In this case, it can help connect us to the Source and our personal belief in soul continuity. This also applies when parts of us are repressed or dead. This deadening feeling can happen after trauma, a bad relationship, or as a consequence of long-term, low self- esteem.

When we get too bogged down by routine, or duties we might forget to laugh, dance, and sing. We may also neglect to connect to ourselves and others, especially in a heart-felt way. These frozen or dead parts of our psyche can revive, as the spring does after winter.  Alberta Wild Rose helps awaken numb parts of our self.




Case Study

One woman noted that when taking Alberta Wild Rose Essence that her heart seemed to thaw after a few years of isolation in her significant relationship. “Not only that my husband also took the essence and went through a transformation where he decided our relationship came before his career and recommitted. I felt joyous and alive.”

Albert Wild Rose is a flower essence of compassion relating to the heart chakra. It helps release bitterness by recognizing the beauty that does exist in one’s self, one’s life and one’s choices. It is an essence that lets us see our life is a reflection of our choices, and if we change our choices, we change our life.

It may help us feel young when we think we are too old to move on. It reminds us of our youth. Not that which has gone by, but that which lies ahead. Alberta Rose flower essence also helps us overcome grief, allowing joy to emerge.

It is difficult to be apathetic or bored around Wild Rose essence, because it brings out the curious, hopeful child in us all. It allows us to grasp the powerful truth- that we are responsible for the decisions in our life and we have the power to make the changes, necessary to have our life reflect our consciousness.

Alberta Wild Rose is related to the planet Venus. Its loveliness helps us renew our commitment to our life and who and what we love. It is an essence of hope, joy, and tenacity. This queen of the Canadian Prairies is a flower of self- empowerment and sensual beauty.







Make a list of what you are bored or under- involved with.  What do these situations have in common? Are there life lessons associated with these circumstances? If so, what are they? Have you learned them? If not, what do you need to do to let them go? Are you ready to move on? When and where in your life are you excited, happy and enthused?  What do these situations have in common?

What is stopping you from being enthused, hopeful and happy more often? How can you shape your life so you fall back in love with it?





(Medicago sativa)

Keywords- scarcity, generosity

Alfalfa was introduced to the prairies as a forage crop. It is a hybrid that exhibits a full range of flower colors, from white to yellow to green, turquoise, blue and deep indigo.

Alfalfa flower essence is related to soul qualities of scarcity and plenty. The essence is specifically for individuals that can never get enough or feel unworthy. There may be a constant worry about money and finances so that debt becomes a script for life.

The over-concern may lead to obsession, as in the tale of King Midas who turned everything he touched into gold, including food. It is said that the monarchy of Russia was locked in a vault of gold following the revolution, with instructions that if they loved gold so much, they could now eat it.

Alfalfa flower essence helps keep one in touch with universal laws of abundance. Because scarcity is a mental constraint, how we think about it changes how it works. This thought pattern can, in turn, lead to a lack of generosity and create a constant accounting of plus and minus in relationships. Alfalfa is helpful to individuals who place monetary gains above all other values, and are motivated mainly by financial success.

There is an opportunity to count and weight differently, and access what is really important. An interesting study was conducted by Sarah Brosnan & Frans de Waal (2003).

Monkeys were taught to trade pebbles for slices of cucumber. All went well until they gave one monkey a grape – viewed by the other monkeys as more valuable, for the same pebble. The cucumber-receivers got upset and starting throwing the pebbles out of their cage and refused to cooperate. The majority of the monkeys got so angry, if one of them was rewarded for no reason, some stopped eating. Humans are not so different.

Alfalfa may be useful for those individuals whose egos are attached to their financial portfolios and become angry, resentful and upset from loss of income due to corporate downsizing during times of economic downturn. The movie, The Corporation, portrays the personality of large, publically traded companies, as akin to sociopaths.

That is, the only reason for existence is the bottom line and making a profit for shareholders. One scene in the movie, features a trader on Wall Street recounting the 9-11 disaster and briefly mourning the loss of life. This quickly shifts to his admission that seconds after the horror, a thought crept into his mind that gold would suddenly become more valuable, as a result of the tragedy.

So valued is money in our society, that a downturn in the economy is known as a recession, and if more serious, a depression.

Alfalfa represents the various archetypes of our society through literature, from Robin Hood to Ebenezer Scrooge, to Dr. Faustus.

It is often suggested that spending lots of money keeps the economy going, and that currency has to move like a river must flow. Constriction and restriction around money lead to excess and deficiency in mental and emotional issues and may lead to a spiritual debt of the soul. Alfalfa might also be valuable for individuals working in vocations undervalued by modern society, such as daycare workers, hospital orderlies, long-term care attendants, housewives, and other caring professions. Alfalfa may help restore a sense of value and purpose to those individuals who give so much of themselves to others, without financial reward.

Alfalfa may be helpful to both children and adults of mixed race, and the associated feelings of not belonging, or being shunned. Another use of this essence is for children in foster homes or adoptees trying to adapt to a culture much different than their birth parents.




(Aloe vera)


KEYWORDS- Accepting inner beauty, healing old wounds.

The aloe plant is a succulent that ranges in height from 1-5 feet. The flowers hang downward like small cylinders. The plant takes 2-3 years to flower. As a medicinal herb, the aloe plant has many uses. The herbal uses although not directly applicable for our use, are still worth noting. In herbal form, Aloe is useful for skin disorders. It cools and moistens the skin, reducing pain with burns including, sunburn and radiation. It is also used on wounds, ringworm and some rashes. It is effective for gum diseases, frostbite, and arthritis. It is popular in cosmetics and it can help heal acne and prevent scarring. It was used by Cleopatra to enhance her beauty and by the ancients to embalm Egyptian mummies.

The leaves of the Aloe plant are very resilient and capable of regenerating when they are soaked in water, suggesting a self-healing quality. The flower of the Aloe Vera ranges in color from red to orange and sometimes yellow. There is also a great deal of green on the flower before it opens.


The spirit of the Aloe plant is as vital as the succulent itself.  I first met “Vera” in a dream state, while vacationing in Palm Springs, California.  She came to me as a rather mischievous and irreverent plant fairy or deva. When I awoke from the dream and we wandered out for breakfast I saw Aloe blooming in full glory very close to our motel. Although, she isn’t native to the prairies I knew she belonged in our group of essences.

Ms. Aloe “Vera” uses humor and nurturing, to help us grow into our potential. She laughs with us at our faulty beliefs and helps us restructure them.  For example “why would you agree with your bitter, old aunt that because she considered you unattractive at age 13 you continue to live as if this is true at 43?  “Who made her the judge and beauty pageant panel; and why are you empowering her opinion with your acceptance?

The Aloe flowers connect to the first chakra (color red), relating to our tribe, or family of origin, in that it helps heal scars caused by tribal beliefs, or wounds made by those in the tribe. The connection with the second chakra, (color orange), is to help us evoke the courage to accept ourselves and live up to our potential.

There may also be some dissolving of scars made from old sexual wounds or feelings of inadequacy. “Vera” lets us know that it is up to us to take the responsibility to shed old emotional scars and wounds. We are adults and have a choice. Everything we now believe, accept and do involves collusion on our part- conscious or unconscious.

The impact of the yellow color chord relating to our third chakra relates to healing self- esteem and nurturing self-acceptance. “Vera” is an expert in healing wounds and cutting remarks about physical looks, especially roundness. She is a fairy of womanly proportions and curves.

In order to evolve to where she is, we must accept our new form and give up on looking the way we did at twenty, or a stereotyped version of who we think we should be. “Vera’s” message is about allowing ourselves to fully be who we are and be self-accepting.

This involves a realistic acceptance of what we look like and have achieved. It encourages us to accept and appreciate others and ourselves at this moment. There is a re-focusing of energy from society determining our worth, to instead finding it inside ourselves.

She encourages making a pact with ourselves to enjoy our life even though we are not perfect in a Hollywood mannequin manner. Instead celebrate our unique and special nature, right now, just as we are.

This essence may be useful for bulimia, anorexia and for all of us who go through bouts of dissatisfaction about looks and shape, and about not being perfect. For those who currently look perfect, it may calm the fear of growing older and losing beauty.  It reminds us of the inherent beauty of the stage we are at. It also helps broaden our ability to appreciate the beauty of different forms and colors.  Like flower patches, we all shine in our own way, in our own phase. Remember the Goddess loves variety- who are we to argue?

Aloe Vera flower essence mends the damage of old comments and accelerates healing. This essence allows our perfect form to manifest and aids us in being able to recognize and love it.



Visualization: What are my inner wounds? How were they caused? How have I cemented them into my belief system? What actions do I do to reinforce them? What if they are not true? What if I am perfect the way I am. How could that change things?

Write down your answers. Create a plan that involves all of you. What are you going to change and how can you do it in a way that is fun? What do you need to accept and make peace with? A ritual to let go of the old wounds may involve writing a letter you do not mail to whoever created the wounds. Forgive the person who created the wound. Forgiving is not the same as condoning.

It is an effective way to release the pattern, so you can move on. Forgive yourself for living the pattern that reinforced the wound. Create a new belief i.e. “I accept myself the way I am. The way I am is just right.” Create new patterns that reflect the belief.

Lastly, before you go to sleep at night, ask “Vera” to visit you in the dream state. Ask her to help bring healing dreams and release the scarring of the past. As you take the Aloe flower essence repeat your affirmations. Affirm to yourself that you are a resourceful adult who can make a change. Let the old beliefs dissolve with humor, forgiveness, and faith in your future.

A revision to an old wise saying: Goddess grant me the strength to change what I can, the courage to accept what I cannot and the wisdom to know the difference.

One Japanese female, in her forties, reported, “During drinking aloe vera, the feelings became easy somehow. The reaction of getting angry to something decreased”.



(Heuchera richardsonii)


Keywords- New beginnings, releasing addictions and old patterns


Alum root flower essence is indicated for individuals who feel limited by fixed ideas and behaviors.  Mental patterns it may help include: obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), as well as Asperger’s and Tourette’s. It can be difficult to trace the origin of these conditions,  as although they may have a genetic root, an individual event may have triggered them.

Our genetic code is flexible and may be up-regulated, or down-regulated, depending upon our belief system. Bruce Lipton (2005) has studied and written extensively on the manner in which our belief systems affect our pathways of illness and disease. Alumroot essence can assist in moving an old structure, and assist psychologists and other mental health practitioners to locate the origin.

These hidden patterns can also fuel addictive behaviors. Alumroot may help reduce or subdue the dysfunction. Like invisible ink, it may illuminate the hidden quality of the behavior, reducing its influence and ability to overwhelm.

This may apply to the dream state, where the ability to participate or experience lucid dreams, or astral travel, are restricted and unfulfilling. To help this, take several drops directly under the tongue, just before bedtime, or add it to your evening bath. Write down your dreams during this 28-day phase and observe what patterns unfold. It combines well with Bird’s Nest mushroom essence. Rogers (2016).

One familiar thought associated with Alumroot essence is that things will never get done, or that there will always be a lack of completeness. Attached to this is the inability to enjoy the journey, as the destination becomes all-important and pre-occupies the mental space.

Alumroot flower essence helps one find their way back to a starting point, giving a fresh perspective and a new beginning. A Japanese female, in her 30s, reported her experience with Alum Root.


“I was impressed to know that there is timing in things. Though the essence of alumroot arrived at my apartment the other day, I had a wonderful dream that morning. Though I was working in Rome, Italy ‘til April 2002, for many reasons I had to come back to Japan and have been living in the present apartment. Since there were various situations, I convinced myself to leave Rome and return to Japan. However, in the dream, I was living in Rome again and I was very glad! After I woke up, I realized I had regrets about leaving Rome. Alumroot has the effect of ‘let it go’. Actually, in spite of the fact I bought it for myself, I didn’t notice why I chose Alumroot at that time. I was very surprised to see this dream on that morning of the day when Alum root arrived.”





(Ammonoidea fossil)

 Keywords: Living in the moment, having faith.


I died a mineral and became a plant.

I died a plant and arose an animal.

I died an animal and I was a man.

Why should I fear?

When was I less by dying?   RUMI


Ammonite the only gem essence produced by Prairie Deva is also one of the oldest known to mankind.  The largest deposits are currently located near Drumheller, Alberta, Canada.   It is the gem signature of the province.  Drumheller is in a prehistoric looking setting surrounded by hoodoos and rocks and looks like it has been forgotten by time. It has one of the greatest dinosaur museums in the world.

Ammonite is derived from the Latin Ammonis, the horn of Ammon whose statues were represented by Ram’s horns. There is a significant correlation between ammonite and the dinosaurs. It originated as a living sea creature, very similar to a nautilus that existed during the Mesozoic period some 300 million years ago. The ammonite animal died out with the dinosaurs about 65 million years ago.

The lining of the shells was crushed with pressure and heat and formed one of the earth’s most unique gems.

The gems color ranges from red to orange, to green to the rare blue and purple.  The Blackfoot tribe of Southern Alberta first discovered them. There is a Blackfoot legend that links the stone with bounty. Apparently, the stone brought buffalo, and it was used in bison hunting ceremonies. The Navajo and other indigenous tribes carried ammonite in the medicine bags for health and good hunting. They were often known as buffalo stones, due to their shape.

When attuning to this prehistoric energy there is a sense that, Ammonite was alive and knew the feeling of swimming in an ocean of awareness.  It is an ancient timekeeper. Ammonite helps reveal the importance of living in the moment. It helps aid a peaceful knowing of time as eternal, as well as the preciousness of each moment.

This essence may help us remember our own timeline, who we were and what we are here to learn. It provides insights into our personalities and glimpses into the leanings of our soul. One becomes more refined, lighter, and more aware, as perceptions grow and change. Moment to moment, life- time to life- time, this gem essence teaches us to live with less attachment or fear. It’s teaching is that of faith; time is endless. The cycle is infinite.

Ammonite reflects the color spectrum, from red to purple giving it special affinity to connect to the Source. It also strengthens the root chakra with its showy display of the color red, reflecting its ability to ground and stabilize. It is the rainbow of gemstones. The pot of gold at the end of this rainbow gives a perspective on life and a joyful treasuring of each moment.

Ammonite helps to create depth of insight. It is a light to shine on unknown journeys. It is a useful essence as an aid to meditation. It holds great power but  works at a slow, deep speed. It is not an essence, or experience that can be rushed.



Think of yourself at this point in time. Feel the firmness of your body, your vitality in each cell.  Now think of yourself going back in time, first one year, two years, ten years, twenty, and forty.  Go back to the time when you were a child in your mother’s womb. Go back further before you were conceived, further, one hundred years, one thousand years, and 10 thousand years.  Take yourself back one million years. What can you see, hear, smell, taste or perceive in any way?  Now you are back 70 million years.

Your body is small and hard. You develop a shell, colorful like the rainbow, hard and protective.

Feel yourself swimming in the ocean. Notice your shape, spherical, flattish. Look up from the water and notice the terrain, dinosaurs eating greenery, mostly ferns, and other large mammoth animals. Notice that you are safe, swimming gently in a salty, primordial ocean.

Take a while to immerse yourself into the stillness and the inky, blackness of this world. Notice how you feel, what you think. When you are ready, bring yourself through time back to the present.   Remember the sensations you felt swimming in the prehistoric ocean. Look at your life now, what is a priority, what do you really want to accomplish, how is it you want to be in the world?  What is important, what can you let dissolve?

Breathe yourself back through time, until you arrive back at the present. Slowly open your eyes and retell the story, ammonite has shared with you.








(Actaea rubra)


Keywords– Releasing guilt, and self-destructive behaviors.


Baneberry flower essence relates to the soul quality of guilt. In many religions, there is a concept of original sin, and other associations with guilt introduced at an early age. Baneberry flower essence assists those who continually sabotage feelings of happiness and well-being, by neglecting the care of self and others.

The flower essence helps one examine subtle approaches to death, associated with choices made on a day-to-day basis. This includes choices of food and diet, exercise, occupational hazards, drugs and alcohol, herbicides and pesticides in the environment, workaholism, unsafe sex, excessive internet or video exposure, high-risk sports such as mountain climbing, parachuting, heli-skiing,  or snowmobiling in avalanche country, road rage and other aggressive driving patterns.

This essence may be of special use in women experiencing issues of sexual identity, or destructive responses to food and body issues, such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia. For these purposes, consider combining with wolf lichen essence. Rogers (2016).

This seeking of external gratification, and then self-punishment, leads to great confusion on a soul level. This leads, in turn, to the harsh judging of good and bad, right and wrong, leading to a mentality of classifying people as winners and losers.

Judgment at its best is discernment and when applied appropriately, inspires and increases the quality of life and experiences. Guilt and harsh judgment, on the other hand, can in the negative state, create jealousy, revenge, anxiety, depression, despair and a sense of not being fulfilled.

The pattern associated with Baneberry flower essence is often suppressed or hidden, until such time as a “brush with death” occurs. Often this involves one of the four elements of fire, water, earth or air. Examples include a house fire or explosion, a near drowning experience, an earthquake or fall from a cliff or mountain, or a close call flying in an airplane, or glider.

Often times the particular pattern is related to an excess or deficient placement in your astrological chart. An unconscious attempt to bring balance into one’s life may exaggerate the desire to participate in death wish activity.

All of these close call experiences can be used as an opportunity to re-examine chosen paths and bring heightened awareness to any imbalance in life. Baneberry flower essence helps facilitate this process by making one more aware of their everyday patterns.

Conscious attention can then help shift destructive patterns that affect the decision-making process. In turn, this assists the level of awareness and patience, resulting in increased wisdom and responsible choices.


A client from Japan reported, “After drinking Baneberry I had a vivid dream. A big red flower like a peony was going to open slowly in my

personality to connect more deeply with soul-dream. Surprisingly, the memory of the scene of the flower opening in my dream is very clear even after I woke up.”




(Arctostaphylos uva-ursi)


Keywords- Accepting and integrating psychic and intuitive growth.


Bearberry flower essence helps to strengthen and increase psychic abilities. Often times, this ability is present, and it is a matter of “awakening” the stored energy. When first accessed, this may result in many unpleasant physical, mental and emotional sensations as kundalini energy begins to move up through the spine and re-shape the energetics of the body and mind.

Resistance at this stage can exhibit all the symptoms of psychosis as a transmutation on the various planes manifest. Bearberry flower essence helps reveal some of the underlying patterns that are part of a smooth transition of energy and matter. It will help individuals who occasionally have intuitive flashes, but are frustrated by their inability to access this ability on a regular basis.

During the movement of Kundalini energy, there is desire, on the personality level, to return to previous experience, or to deny the process that is manifest. Bearberry flower essence helps assist one in recognizing that the path is straight ahead and that all of their past experiences have led them to this moment of possibility.

Bearberry flower essence calms the individual and allows them to see themselves in this new place of awareness. In beginners the essence reminds one that the journey toward self-awareness has begun, with the first few steps just underway. The use of yoga, tai chi, and Qigong assists the process and helps move the energy through the various chakras more efficiently and quietly. Blockage or resistance at any level will manifest in feelings of constriction, including heart palpitations, restricted breathing, sore throat, or headaches.

An excellent book by Sannella (1987) examines the issue of kundalini and psychosis.

A few drops may be applied to affected areas to alleviate burning and heat associated with this process. Putting a few drops of Bearberry essence by your bedside, to use In the middle of the night, may help relieve some of the unpleasant hot and cold sensations, including the flushing associated with menopause and andropause.

A Japanese female in her 40’s related her experience. “Although Bearberry is the essence of ‘intuition power’ I was talking on the phone with my friend one day and asked her, ‘what were you doing this morning?’ and she answered ‘I was sleeping most of the time at home’.

Right after the phone was hung up, I felt immediately that she told a lie to me. So, I asked her the same question next day. In fact, she told me she had gone out that morning! I was so surprised because it happened to me right after drinking Bearberry essence”.





(Monarda fistulosa)


Keywords- Re-integration of authentic personality


Wild Bergamot flower essence is indicated for those individuals with multiple or split personalities. The plant signature lies in the hybridization abilities of the plant, with its wide variety of constituents also manifesting in its etheric plane.

Wild Bergamot essence is useful to actors of stage and screen, where the ability to project the appearance of various emotions is most valuable. At the same time, the essence assists individuals that have created a negative pattern of false tears to avoid stressful situations or to manipulate those around them with crocodile tears.

The essence will help reveal, often in the dream state, but also in conscious awareness day to day, the initial situation that created this inauthentic response. Wild Bergamot may also assist those who have difficulty crying in response to a sudden or shocking incident.

On the physical plane, the essence assists those individuals with dry eyes, or excessively red, irritated or weepy eyes, all symptoms of an underlying anger associated with liver health.

A study done many years ago at Harvard, found a significant difference in the chemical makeup of tears produced by joy and those produced by sadness. Bergamot flower essence assists individuals so that they can begin to distinguish between authentic emotions and those created around quick, defensive and well-worn pathways of reactivity. On a deeper level, the essence may be useful to those individuals undergoing personality shifts associated with early childhood traumas and abuse.

Fragmentation at this level can manifest in a variety of ways ranging from schizophrenia to multiple personality disorders, to sociopathic and psychopathic tendencies.

It may combine well with Wood Ear mushroom essence. Rogers (2016). This is especially useful if there are any auditory hallucinations present.

At a soul level, many of the personality traits may be representations of past life experience. In this situation, the flower essence helps one to recognize and slowly re-integrate those parts of self that desire expression on this plane and help form a unique and integrated personality.

One client wrote, “after drinking Wild Bergamot, I had a vivid dream. In it, I was scratching the sand at the shore of the sea by my hands to look for something. I still remember clearly and feel the sensations, as if they happened in my awake reality”.




(C. arvensis)


Keywords- Balancing the nervous system, individualism.


Field Bindweed flower essence is related to the human nervous system. Unlike most sun loving plants, which turn with the sun in a left to right manner, this plant does the opposite. In fact, it is so insistent upon this counter-clockwise growth that it will choose to die rather than adapt to the opposite direction.

On the physical plane, the flower essence may be useful for those individuals suffering from the destruction of the myelin sheath of the nerves. This may be present in various physical related autoimmune conditions such as multiple sclerosis, ALS, and myasthenia gravis.

On the mental plane, the flower essence may have application in Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, autism, and natural left- handed individuals who were forced into writing with their right hand at an early age. For the former two conditions, consider using the mushroom essences Comb Tooth or Fly Agaric. Rogers (2016).

Field Bindweed flower essence is also helpful when making difficult choices. The expression of the stomach being “tied up in knots”, is appropriate for the type of blockage experienced in the solar plexus. The essence may be combined with bearberry for those individuals suffering from stagnant kundalini energy, particularly if it is manifesting in nerve and muscle related conditions such as temporary paralysis. The essence may also be tried for use in one-sided paralysis associated with strokes, or viral-related conditions such as Bell’s palsy.

The essence should be thought of in all conditions in which the sympathetic nervous system is dominant over the parasympathetic, leading to tightly wound and adrenaline-based constriction throughout the body.

The flower essence may be useful in cases of battered wife syndrome, or other conditions of sexual or emotional abuse.

In advanced cases, such as Stockholm syndrome, the essence may be used, in small amounts over an extended period of time.

Phobia of spiders may also be relieved. This fear may indicate mistrust of the path or web of destiny and lead to stagnation or frustration. The underlying concern may be entrapment on the emotional and spiritual planes. If caught up in an inauthentic path, our true self may feel poisoned, resulting in tiredness, lethargy, and loss of zest.

It is also a wonderful essence to allow one’s contrary, non-conformist nature to emerge. It is useful for teens needing to break out of their child-like roles and gain their true voice, in a more mature, less confrontational manner. It adds support for anyone who is trying to fight stagnant social pressures and bring in another point of view. Environmentalists and social activists may consider its use as a signature essence.





(Ribes hudsonianum)


KEYWORDS-Feminine cycles, earth consciousness.


This many-stemmed shrub grows to about one meter high. Its leaves have a heart-like shape, indicating an affinity to the heart chakra. The darkness and taste of the fruit tie it to the watery realm of the second chakra. Black Currant essence is for getting in touch with the deep instinctual feminine forces. It deals with the cycles of conception, menstruation, and birthing.  All of these events happen more easily when we are relaxed and in sync with our instinctual rhythms.

It is an essence of becoming one with the earth- especially her lakes oceans, and rivers. When using this essence it is useful to lie inside natural bodies of water, or even a bathtub and take the time to feel the heartbeat of the earth, and our own, synchronized and relaxed. Slowing down to this degree will help regenerate, and put us back in touch with our authentic nature.

Consider combining it with Agarikon, the mushroom essence. Rogers (2016).

This essence is of help to this culture, as we are people who live in our heads, rather than in our bodies, or hearts. Living in our “heads” may gratify our egos and minds, but puts us out of step with nature. When we are out of touch with our true natures, issues like anger, insecurity and feeling out of step with our lives occurs. This may manifest physically as swelling and inflammation.

Being in step with our own nature involves claiming our full identity. This means accepting ourselves as creators in our lives and taking responsibility for what we have manifested. This requires claiming our personal power. To do this we must have emotional awareness and the ability to make responsible choices. We create every minute each day. Realizing this is the key to making decisions that reflect who we are and what we want.

This essence helps us attune with the heartbeat of the earth, which may help strengthen feelings of self-worth and adequacy. This essence may also be good for attracting money and fertility on all levels. Black Currant helps us relax into the rhythm of any life cycle we are in and may aid us in understanding the significance of that cycle.

Before starting the exercise, get comfortable and try a few drops of Black Currant flower essence under your tongue.



Inspired by: The Heart of the Soul- Gary Zukav, Linda Francis (2002).

Relax take a moment and scan each center of your body starting with your base chakra, located between your legs, progress up to the second chakra around your sacrum, go to your 3rd chakra around your belly- feel for fear or any other sensation you are having. Move up to your heart, what do you feel? Go to your throat, your third eye, slightly above the midpoint between your eyes and finally up to the top of your head, your crown chakra.

Look for any body sensations. Tie these together with any feeling you are experiencing. Relating feelings and sensations together allow us to understand how our mind and body influence each other. Zukav says when you release any feeling in fear or doubt it leaves the body creating pain of some sort.  When you are feeling, love the body sensation is pleasant.

Keeping track of each feeling and body sensation creates a deeper level of self-understanding. This awareness fosters the ability to make responsible choices. Heart of the Soul- by Zukav and Francis offer more insights.

A female client remarked. “Black Currant is my favorite essence now. Although I have a skin condition (acne on different parts of my face), since I began to drink this essence, some acne didn’t appear as before.”



(Picea mariana)


KEYWORDS- Reclamation and transformation of shadow, clarity, emotional endurance.

The Black Spruce is a rather scraggly evergreen. It grows in harsh conditions, usually swamps. It likes to keep its “feet wet”.

Its roots are long and straight and used for weaving baskets. It has a distinct tuft on its top. Its cones are small, often numerous and have a finger-like shape. Its scent is recognizably refreshing. The early female cone looks like a small rose.


In aromatherapy, spruce oil is used to revitalize the adrenal glands. Rub its essential oil onto the adrenal glands (located just above the kidneys) to help build strength and regenerate these overused glands. Its oil is also normalizing for the thyroid and pituitary glands. Sprayed into the air the oil is an air freshener and antibacterial. Due to its affinity for the adrenal glands, it enhances the functioning of the third chakra related to personal power. It also has a relationship to the root chakra and ability to stand strong in one’s life.

It is related to the water element, as it lives in swamps, and the earth element, as its root system is strong and solid. One oddity about this plant is that lightening is attracted to it, making it a bit of a fire hazard. This characteristic influences its properties as a flower essence. Black Spruce essence allows us the clarity to find our own shadow (disowned parts).

These insights can come with “lightning-like speed”- as in a flash of insight. It also ignites our inner wisdom by letting some of our shadow qualities come to light and be accepted, or dissipate. Useful in psychotherapy or dream work, this essence works to regenerate or patch our wounds. It may increase emotional stamina and strength to end old patterns that no longer serve us.

Black Spruce flower essence embodies an ancient energy whose power is often overlooked, as it initially appears so common. It allows us glimpses of our personal power that have been tied up in repressing the shadow. It is a stabilizing essence that gives us the courage to view what we normally could not stand still long enough to look at.  It offers great strength for times of rebuilding, parts of self, as well as the community.

It helps wash away feelings of blame and guilt and allows us to replace them with understanding, responsibility, and acceptance. It is an essence to help give strength during times of frustration. It can help bring clarity to those involved with addicts. It is an essence to use when we house clean our lives and souls. It purifies and strengthens.



If you are feeling stressed and run down obtain black spruce essential oil and, black spruce flower essence. Mix three drops of each in your fingers. Apply to your adrenal glands each morning- (right on top of your kidneys). Also, apply three drops to the bottom of each foot.

Visualize yourself sitting under a waterfall. Notice the cool, clear water wash away stress, panic, and fear. Just breathe and place your feet firmly on the ground, feeling the healing waters bubble up from the bottom of your feet, all the way up to your kidneys and adrenals, cooling and soothing, as it flows. With your breath bring the calm stream up the back of your spine, up your neck, flowing through your nose and throat, and down to your heart, where it continues to soothe, and be warmed, down to your liver, lungs, and spleen, cleaning and refreshing each of your organ systems.   Feel yourself becoming calm, stable, clear and connected.

Thank your feet and adrenals for working so hard.

A thirty-year-old female began taking four flower essences. “It seems that Black Spruce was the most effective. I had a feeling that my mind began to relax immediately, although it was daytime. I became very sleepy suddenly. And I saw the dream. In the dream, I was screaming ‘an earthquake is happening in my head! I can’t keep my balance’. In the dream, I felt like each part of my brain moved to its right place. When I woke up, it was the evening.

Eventually, I realized the reason for the stress. And even more, I realized that I am protected by God’s Love. Now, I don’t need to waste energy unnecessarily. I am very much surprised to know that flower essences can have so much positive influence.”



(Menyanthes trifoliata)


Keywords- Calmness, and detachment, focus on the present.


Buckbean flower essence helps one to maintain a calm repose in the midst of hubris and excessive activity. Learning to observe, events and responses, without becoming personally affected, takes a level of detachment.

The flower essence helps one to refrain from judgment, and accept change, including one’s own point of view. At the same time, buckbean helps one avoid distraction related to the energetics of others involved in various scenarios of life. This does not mean that buckbean creates a lack of empathy, but simply helps one to develop a level of acceptance and compassion, and even a sense of humor, in the play of life.

Bogbean suggests a relationship to bogs, and becoming bogged down, on a physical, mental and emotional level. This suggests an inability to see the forest for the trees. An antidote to being bogged down is to perceive interactions with others as an opportunity to practice compassionate detachment.

Bogbean also helps one accept that it is often unnecessary to take action on another’s behalf, instead simply listen and be present. On the physical plane, this may manifest as an awareness of body language and expressions as simple as a hug. On the mental plane, it is very useful for individuals that must make quick, and accurate decisions based on their occupation. Athletes, air flight controllers, pilots, professional car drivers, police, firefighters, and emergency medical personnel may benefit from this flower essence.

Buckbean helps keep one in the present in a focused and clear manner. The essence helps one to not take on the anxiety or frustration of others, but to be present in a state of detached awareness.

It may combine well with Madia from the Flower Essence Society, or with Peziza, the mushroom essence. Rogers (2016).

Buckbean flower essence may be useful to help quiet the mind, for meditation, prayer and other spiritual connections. On a mental plane, it may assist students to concentrate and attend to an intellectual exercise. Many students at a secondary and college/university level can superficially multi-task but have difficulty holding a focused attention span.

A 30-year-old mother sent this in after her 6-year-old son chose Buckbean by himself from the photograph.

“Though he couldn’t get used to a group life easily at the elementary school this first year since he began to take the essences, he looks like he has an easier time getting along with school life little by little. When I asked him what has changed, he answered. ‘I have many friends now!’

Since it’s a mental change, it not clearly visible to others. I think that my son’s life is now more comfortable. I’d like to say thanks to the essences. As long as my son wishes, he can continue to h a ve life with essences.”





(Cornus canadensis)


Keywords- Appreciating simple beauty, tuning into subtle energy.


Bunchberry flower essence helps bring attention and awareness to the qualities of deception and self-deception. It assists individuals by helping them have deeper insights into interactions with their environment and other people. Bunchberry essence helps uncover and explore the various levels or layers of reality that can co-exist at one time. According to modern string theory, associated with quantum physics, there are at least eleven space dimensions and one-time dimension.

Bunchberry is the essence for exploration of myths and their impact on issues involving life and death and questions of wonder. It is the essence for exploring the subtle levels of our own consciousness, and appreciating the hints we receive in day-to-day life that remind us of this connection.

It takes but a few hours of desert heat to appreciate the sweet, cooling and quenching quality of water, or a few hours in bitterly cold weather to appreciate the heat of a simple campfire. In the bigger picture, the essence helps us to appreciate the fine subtle energies that surround and nurture us on a daily basis.

It may assist the subtle vibratory influence of other flower essences, making it a good addition to combinations, as well as enhancing homeopathic preparations. On the other hand, it can also help to filter out some of the static and negativity associated with modern lifestyles, including traffic noise and pollution, electromagnetic influence from cell phones, microwaves, televisions, and other chatter of our environment. It combines well with Toadflax for issues specifically associated with the sense of hearing. Robert- expand.




(Melilotus officinalis)


Keywords: Memory, Brainwashing


Sweet Clover flower essence may be indicated for those individuals suffering memory loss, dementia, and conditions associated with aneurism and stroke. This may include emotional comfort for the confusion, pain, and fear associated with brain trauma. Symptoms can include angry outbursts, irrational behavior and frustration due to fear of losing control. One-sided migraines may also be relieved. The flower essence is related to circulation and the flow of life.

The expression “scare ourselves to death” may be present or mentioned.

On a mental level, it helps dispel the paranoia, delusions, and fear associated with changes that cannot be fully integrated due to the decline in cognition. On a spiritual and emotional level, it helps integrate heart-centered patterns with the intellect. It relieves parataxic distortion and reduces angst associated with the fallacy of objectivity.

The flower essence may be useful in brain traumas, whether from injury or disease. Another aspect of the essence is related to mental and emotional support associated with brainwashing that occurs in cults, destructive post-hypnotic suggestions, and possibly even helping children be weaned from

Ritalin. For this purpose, consider combining this flower essence with Agaricus, a mushroom essence. Rogers (2016).

Combining this flower essence with Dogbane may help other addictive patterns, such as opiates, tobacco, and alcohol. For Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, it combines well with Field Bindweed. For ADD or ADHD,  combine with Toadflax, or mushroom essence Algae Maze.




(Petasites sagittatus) (P. frigidus ssp. sagittatus)


KEYWORDS- Keeping present, prioritizing what is important, establishing goals, healing love wounds.


The Coltsfoot flowers range from white to pink in color. They appear in spring before the leaves emerge.  The leaves are soft, insulating and furry. They are shaped like a long triangle. The rhizomes spread up to 40 feet.

In traditional herbal lore, Petasites sagittatus was used like English coltsfoot for coughs, colds, and bronchial complaints. It induces sweat and relieves chest pain. Canadian natives smoked the leaves for visions, while the seeds were used in love divinations.

The name Coltsfoot and Latin name Sagittatus link this plant with the horse, and the astrological sign of Sagittarius. The main property of the flower essence of Coltsfoot relates to keeping one present and mindful in their actions and thoughts. It is a good essence to take while meditating or planning, especially before making large decisions i.e. where to move, with whom to spend time, etc.

As the flowers appear before the leaves, sometimes our visions and wishes set the stage for the next phase of our growth.

The white color of the flowers relates to the crown chakra. What are your life directions and goals? How is this in line with your soul’s purpose?

As a flower essence, this plant may help us breathe deeply, ground our bodies and subsequently gain perspective.  Deep breathing helps us merge back into our own skins, release grief, and open to the present moment.  It is only by becoming present that we may establish what is important in our lives. The fuzzy, arrow-shaped leaves may help suggest an insulating quality, reassuring us that change is okay, even desirable. In fact, this essence is thought to help heal old love wounds and clear traumatic emotions.

Coltsfoot is an essence of orientation. What direction should we take? How do we get there? There is no time like now to establish life goals and put them into action.

Coltsfoot helps us release old patterns that have created lethargy. It may also dissolve old hereditary patterns that are creating inertia. While using coltsfoot essence is a powerful opportunity to create a new plan, one that allows one to feel the energy and vigor associated with actualizing one’s own goals.  When we are back on track with our soul’s purpose, energy and optimism become the by-products.




Sit or lie quietly. Breathe deeply.  Feel the breath enter your nose, lungs, and tummy. Send the breath throughout your body.   Keep focused on your breathing. If your mind wanders, bring it back to your breath.

What makes me happy? How does my body feel when I am happy? What is most important to me? Is my life reflecting what I say makes me happy? What actions can I take to support my goals?

Am I putting out time, energy, or money in ways that do not support my priorities? Can I let any of these patterns dissolve? How do I shape my life to best reflect what is important to me, (ensuring your responsibilities are taken care of. See Dr. Phil McGraw, Life Code: New Rules for the Real World. 2014.


(Elymus repens)


Keywords- Releasing stubborn behavior, allowing for change


Couchgrass flower essence is related to the pattern of holding onto old belief systems. Individuals who resonate to this essence tenaciously hold onto old beliefs and behaviors. They are stubborn and resistant to change, even in the face of new evidence.

Dr. Robert Milton illustrated this pattern, by sharing his experience in a mental hospital in California. The patient was convinced that his heart had stopped and he was dead. The doctor said he was going to take some blood and asked, “Do dead people bleed?” To which the patients replied,

“No”. As the blood began to flow from his arm, the patient’s eyes widened and he remarked, “I guess dead people do bleed”.

Couchgrass essence helps people who have difficulty with change and will turn any assault on their belief system into a battle of will or ego. On a physical level, this can manifest as lower back pain or frequent urination. One sign to watch for is the need or urge to urinate when an awkward or difficult moment in conversation arises.


The resistance to change can feel like a severe loss of self, even a death. Religion gives comfort to many and helps provide a framework of belief that explains issues of birth, death, and afterlife. It can, for some individuals, be a source of anxiety, guilt, and denial of self.

Individuals examining their own spirituality often find roadblocks and obstacles to the exploration of their new direction in life.


The couchgrass individual would rather be confrontational and risk personal rejection than let go of a belief system that is suppressing their emotional and spiritual growth. New evidence, even of a scientific nature, will be dismissed if it challenges these systems of belief.

Couchgrass helps ease the transition, and allows the possibility of a new or different opinion, giving permission to entertain new perspectives and ideas.


A study of over one thousand people conducted in the United States a few years ago found that 41% believed that humans and dinosaurs lived together on the planet. A need to explain all with the existence of a higher power is a disservice to science. As Bertrand Russell said, “What is wanted is not the will to believe, but the will to find out, which is the exact opposite.”




(Apocynum androsaemifolium)


Keywords – addiction, escapism


Dogbane flower essence is related to issues surrounding addictions, including alcohol, marijuana, various drugs, sex, gambling and such. The essence works on various levels, with an initial awareness of the addiction and its attraction.

On a physical level, it may assist the body with an initial “detox”, and ease the discomfort associated with withdrawal. In the case of drugs and alcohol, this may manifest as trembling, sweating and nervous symptoms, as well as blood sugar imbalance. With an addiction to sex, physical issues may manifest, such as impotence, genital sores or irritations, or disgust for pornography or erotic literature. In the case of gambling, there may be financial or legal setbacks or debts from the past.

Dogbane flower essence helps ease the pain of separation associated with “friendships” that change or are lost during the movement towards health. On a mental level, the essence helps instill the desire for change and the will to execute. Very often, the inability to follow through is related to blame and self-blame. At the base of the addictive pattern tree, with its many branches, is a core belief of blame.
This may be related to early childhood, and other relationships, or may follow a shock to the system related to death and dying, or simply the need to quiet internal loneliness with external clutter.
Emotionally, the flower essence assists those individuals seeking inner stability by helping them reconnect with their “inner child”, and create the opportunity for forgiveness and generosity during the cycle of change.

On a spiritual plane, the essence helps one connect with higher self, and appreciate the beauty of day-to-day activity. The essence may be taken as frequently as needed and combines well with bearberry in situations where the intensity of energy is extreme.


(Conyza canadensis)


Keywords-Beauty, discernment, possession


Fleabane flower essence is related to the life lessons of discernment and beauty. It can be of assistance in both males and females who are considered externally “beautiful” by standards of society. This flattery of ego is reinforced by access to circles of people that cultivate and worship appearance and status.

Unfortunately, it often leads to feelings of insecurity and unworthiness, associated with the feeling that their inadequacies will be unveiled and exposed. Often, these individuals attract others with the same pattern, leading to difficulty in cultivating deep and lasting relationships.

Fleabane flower essence is useful in warding off, or discouraging, the type of symbiotic or parasitic encounters that stem from the need of others to be near them and live their lives vicariously through others. Taken over time, the essence helps individuals discover their own true

needs and identity and have less need for the flattery of others. It helps individuals discover the difference between encouragement and support from others without reward or return and ego driven flattery that is projected by those who are needy. Movie stars and their entourage are examples of this imbalance.

Another level of use is for those individuals who feel cosmetic surgery, and enhancements are needed to make their lives more complete. Fleabane can act as a mirror to help one see the distortions associated with an emphasis on external beauty.

This particular pattern can also manifest into the need to possess clothing, jewelry, cars and other symbols of status. Possession is part of the pattern associated with fleabane, and the idea that one can own or buy happiness. It combines effectively with Aloe Vera.

On a physical level, it may assist the body with an initial “detox”, and ease the discomfort associated with withdrawal. In the case of drugs and alcohol, this may manifest as trembling, sweating and nervous symptoms, as well as blood sugar imbalance. With an addiction to sex, physical issues may manifest, such as impotence, genital sores or irritations, or disgust for pornography or erotic literature. In the case of gambling, there may be financial or legal setbacks or debts from the past. Dogbane flower essence helps ease the pain of separation associated with “friendships” that change or are lost during the movement towards health. On a mental level, the essence helps instill the desire for change and the will to execute. Very often, the inability to follow through is related to blame and self-blame. At the base of the addictive pattern tree, with its many branches, is a core belief of blame.

This may be related to early childhood, and other relationships, or may follow a shock to the system related to death and dying, or simply the need to quiet internal loneliness with external clutter.

Emotionally, the flower essence assists those individuals seeking inner stability by helping them reconnect with their “inner child”, and create the opportunity for forgiveness and generosity during the cycle of change.





(Hyoscyamus niger)




Henbane is about making choices at the crossroads. When we made a flower essence with it, the flower itself, formed a triple crossroad pattern. This geometric pattern links the flower to Hekate,  crone goddess of thresholds, midwifery, and magic, says Laurie Szott-Rogers (2014) in her book, Healing the Goddess Wound.

Hekate teaches us to manage the junctures in our lives, attuning to what we know and what we sense before deciding on a path. The flower essence helps us understand that every path we take will have its own set of benefits and sacrifices. Taking the leap into the unknown is the only way to move forward. The sacrifice of leaving what is familiar is the cost of crossing the threshold. Trusting ourselves to handle what lies ahead allows us to enter new possibilities.





(Lonicera tartarica)


KEYWORDS- perseverance, fear of failure, inertia.


Honeysuckle flower essence is related to the soul qualities of hardiness and perseverance. There can be a thin edge at times between stubbornness and mental fixation. It is important that thoughts and action are completed for the appropriate reasons.

If the reason is mainly to control self and others due to constant fear, less pleasure is experienced in life. Honeysuckle is the flower essence for those who fear failure or the responsibilities of success. It helps those individuals who will avoid completion at the first sign of challenge or obstruction. In some, this has become ingrained to the point of inertia in both thought and action. At these times, the honeysuckle flower essence acts as a catalyst.

It is particularly indicated for those who feel the need to be employed in “safe” employment situations.  Not only is this illusionary; but it prevents the soul from expansion. This can create physical dis-ease in the body if left unattended.

It also relates to holding onto the past, as if it is better than the present. There is a tendency to remember foods, actions, and events from the “old days” being sweeter. The idealization of what “used to be”, prevents the individual from moving forward in their lives and being grateful for the gifts they do have.










(Larix occidentalis)


Keywords- Grounding, competence, confidence, protection.


The flowers on this tree are red and conical. It is an interesting evergreen, because it loses its leaves in the fall, submitting to the seasons, like a deciduous tree. It is a tree that feels strong, protective and magical.

The flower essence may reflect the protective property of the tree.  It may provide a safe place to rest and re-route one’s life. This can mean coming to terms with one’s personality and choices and relaxing about them.

Larch is a confidence builder.  It takes courage to face who we are and present this image with strength, in a society that talks about valuing individuality, but rewards conformity in many situations. The essence of Larch enhances feelings of comfort and confidence.

It is also about building competence through practicing one’s craft. This involves taking the time and spending the effort to become good at something. The type of confidence that results in mastering skills, is not given but earned and people who develop it display their competence through actions, not words. This essence supports honest effort.

Larch essence may also allow one to let go of old patterns that restrict learning new skills or perfecting old ones. It is useful for people who are overly sensitive to criticism. It is a grounding essence that helps connect people to live in an earthy, solid manner.  This is especially important for dreamers who need a safe place to land and re-orient. The red cone-like flower, both sturdy and resilient, supports our ability to bounce back after our egos have been hurt to resume our task. It supports and comforts the first Chakra.

Larch essence emanates confidence, stability, and self- acceptance, helping us to realize we can feel safe inside our skins and on the planet.



Take four drops of Larch essence. Find a quiet spot to meditate on these questions. What is it you really want to be good at? How would being good at this change your life? Is there another goal that feels more important to obtain the outcome you desire? If so, re-state your goal.

Do your skill levels and ability currently match your expectations? If not, can you bring up your skill level? If so, what practical steps will help you?  For example: if you wish to learn management skills to be promoted at work, you might decide to a) take a management course, b) upgrade your resume, c) volunteer at an institute to allow you to practice your skills, d) apply for a new job that allows you to express these skills.


Also, don’t expect perfection while you learn. Be your own best friend and allow yourself time to become comfortable with your new skills; always practice self-forgiveness as you learn.  Real safety and self-trust manifest when we recognize and rely on our own abilities.



(Syringa vulgaris)


KEYWORDS-Imagination, fantasy, fun, insight, nurturing, receptivity, allowing.


The Latin for Lilac, Syringa is from the Greek SURIGX or SYRINX, a pipe or trumpet, likely in reference to the hollow stems of the lilac wood used to make pipes. The scent of lilac flowers is sweet and delicate, yet powerful enough to draw even those indifferent to the beauty of nature to inhale her essence. Lilacs range in color from pristine white to pink, periwinkle, light, and deep purple. The fragrance of the flowers varies with the different hues.

Lilac blooms appear in late spring. The flowers are plentiful and have a pervasive sweetness, Illustrating, Mother Nature’s ability to renew herself, despite harsh outer conditions. The persistent and opportunistic roots of lilac give us insight into its hardy nature.

The leaves shaped like elongated hearts surround the generous bouquets of flowers. After living in a house surrounded by over 17 lilac bushes I noted that their presence heightens the imagination and sense of play. It is an essence preferred by the inner child who wishes to express without constraints.  Lilac may help us view our past with compassion, finding within it times of joy and meaning.

The essence may help create a sense of trust and wholeness, reminding us that nature will renew us. Lilac essence may support the act of simply allowing, thus, deepening intuitive work, such as meditating, tarot reading or astro-analysis.

This essence is wonderful for nurturing. The delicacy of the scent and flower may act as a reminder to find joy in little things. It connects to the fragility and beauty of each moment. It brings the poetry of our souls into everyday life. In magic, the lilac is planted to drive evil from the property. It is associated with Venus and the water element. Fresh flowers are placed in “haunted houses” to clear the vibrations. The essence, mixed with water and sprayed into the air may also clear energy. (Try mixing with sage and cedar essential oil for this purpose.)

Lilac essence may bring out a sense of sweetness and receptivity in individuals. It may enhance feelings of security and appreciation.




The gift of play and “making up” our world from our imaginations may help us energetically draw in what we desire, as well as, give us confidence by trying out our new reality in a safe and fun way.

Take four drops of lilac essence. Meditate or journey on how you would most like to play and have fun- (In a way that is not harmful to yourself or others).  Or—remember what gave you most pleasure and feelings of being unrestrained, as a child.

Act out the fantasy or memory in a playful and unrestricted manner. If you enjoyed this, ask-

“Can I do this more often? Or are there things I can do to keep this behavior alive? For example, if it is throwing a ball around, maybe you need to find a space to do it more frequently. If it involves dancing, singing, movement, or creating, find an environment that will nurture this. Make a pact to keep in touch with “the wild child” within that remembers how to play and take the time to go to her.



(Sorbus scopulina)


KEYWORDS- Retain a sense of self. Control issues.


Mountain Ash flower essence is most useful to those who have too great a need to please others.

In this process, it is very easy to lose track of themselves. The essence is important in-group settings, team sports, and family and couple structures, where an individual is willing to constantly relent to “make things smoother”.

In the process, much is lost in terms of individual power and identity. Young teenagers can also be helped with this essence, by helping them realize their sense of identity. Their thoughts, actions, fashions, and language mimicking behaviors, are all attempts to be more liked or better accepted into groups.

In couples, there are often power and control issues that stem from old patterns and behaviors observed in their childhood. Mountain Ash helps strengthen each individual’s sense of self and diminishes the place of ego that leads to control. It also helps individuals discover for themselves the difference between control and self- control.

Studies show an inverse correlation between authoritarianism and intelligence. Mountain ash flower essence may be useful in sorting out the differences between religious dogma and spirituality.

More work.




(Solanum dulcamara)


KEYWORDS-Journeying, deep seeing, dreaming, moving trauma.


This plant native to Europe is a trailing and climbing perennial, but it is also found in Canada.

Its stunning purple flowers with orange-yellow anthers, become green, then orange, and finally, red berries appear. This tiny flower with an otherworldly appeal dances on the vine, a celestial ballerina celebrating a brief earthly performance.

The flower would be toxic if eaten or decocted and must always be highly diluted before using. Homeopathically one of the uses of this plant is to prevent motion sickness. As a Flower Essence, it calms us and assists us, as we go through different portals and dimensions such as journeying, dreaming and astral travel. It allows us to go deeper into areas where our third eye, which does not need light, finds information.

As humans, we often fear the dark, understandably, as we feel vulnerable when we cannot see. Yet, when we meditate, have shamanic journeys or unlock the potent symbolism of our dreams, this essence may help us tolerate what we see in the “dark” regions of our psyches. This plant commonly called bitter/sweet may help bolster the courage to look inside of others and ourselves. Tolerating our shadow pieces makes self-love possible. Taking the time to get to know our own vulnerable, abandoned pieces, helps us to see parts of ourselves that hurt, or create our own self-undoing when they are left uncared for and unclaimed.

These shadow pieces- our (bitter/sweet), parts are what clients often request be found and brought back in soul retrievals. They are the pieces that most frequently split off, as they might have troublesome aspects-i.e. mischief/joy.

Many people who think they cannot journey, meditate or visualize, simply cannot  “let go” and allow their insights to arise. Doubt anchors them to a more controlled mental state. Nightshade in combination with Lilac essence may support the act of simply allowing, enabling us to experience shamanic journeying, meditation and dream work.

Another way to bring “lost” pieces back is by paying attention to dream messages. Integrating these pieces involves a commitment to making changes, but may make the difference between a life of satisfaction or discontent.

Nightshade essence is also beneficial for anyone in a major life transition, or anyone moving their household, helping to calm the turbulence at times of disruption. This plant is a link to other planets, realities, and places.  It is small, potent, and otherworldly. Ruled jointly by Neptune and Pluto, nightshade aids mystical experience and heightens altered states.



Shamanic Journeying-  

Bringing Back a Lost Piece. Do you have a memory of when you were different- possibly more joyful, more whole? Or possibly there was a time when you felt more trust in the universe or in yourself, whatever the situation, call up the memory.

Do you remember why the piece went away? Was there a trauma, or were you shamed into hiding that piece of yourself? Remember that if you find it and bring it back, it will probably be the same age and level of development as when it split off.

This means you will need to commit to growing it up and helping it integrate with the rest of your life. If it still feels worth the effort, take four drops of Nightshade flower essence, (and if you have difficulty allowing yourself to move into mystical states, add 4 drops of lilac).

Put on some drumming music, such as something by Michael Harner. Lie down on the floor, in a dark spot, or put an eye cover over your eyes. Ensure you will not be disrupted during the time of your journey. Keep a journal with a pen by your side, to record your insights when you finish.

If you have never journeyed before, Sandra Ingerman (2006) has books to offer complete instructions.

You will want to remember a spot that exists in nature, that is a natural opening in the earth, such as a lake, or tree, that has special meaning to you. Visit this spot in your mind and imagine yourself traveling downward from it, in a tunnel. Allow yourself to progress through the tunnel until you land in a rich and lush environment, which Shamans call the” underworld”.

Look for a guide that feels “right”. Do not approach or engage with, insects or animals that feel aggressive. If you find a guide, often an animal, bird, or being, ask them if they will help you find the piece of yourself you are looking for. With them, you may journey through water, caves, air or land. Sometimes the piece we seek is in a cave of lost beings. We might locate ourselves by a symbol, or piece of jewelry, familiar to us that our lost self is still wearing. There will be some indicator that it is an abandoned piece of us, we will be drawn to it.

After locating your lost piece, ask it if it will come home with you. I find the pieces are usually agreeable and wish to be found. They may have conditions and may be testy, after all, they have been banished, and need to trust that we mean what we say.

For example, if it is a piece of mischief/joy, it may request that you make time to play in a way it finds to be fun, at least once a day for fifteen minutes.

If you agree to this, you will need to honor your commitment to keeping the piece. Sometimes, as the piece grows up a bit, how it defines play might be modified and renegotiated, but its wishes still need to be taken seriously. If you still feel this is worthwhile, the next step involves cleaning the piece off, often with sunlight, starlight, or magical water. Allow your power animal or being to help you. The power animal may also give you insights into keeping the soul piece happy or simply help to transport it back with you.

Listen to your power animal or being. Thank them deeply for their assistance; you may choose to give them a gift of some sort. Come back through the tunnel with your located soul piece. Do not bring anything else back with you, except the soul piece. When you get back up, breathe the soul piece into your body. You may find it resonates to a certain point in your body, such as heart, or head and that most of its energy gravitates there. Record your journey in your journal. Remember to detail what the soul piece needs to be whole.

Now celebrate with the soul piece, give it what it has asked for. Remember to treasure it, as you grow it up. Allow your relationship to it to flourish and develop.






(Fouquieria splendens)


KEYWORDS-Time management, focus.


Ocotillo flower essence is related to the soul experience of forgetfulness and timelessness. It is useful for meditation, combining well with toadflax, for those individuals who have difficulty removing distractions from their mind.

This essence helps us recognize “gut feelings” and honor them. On a physical level, ocotillo is a pelvic, lymphatic decongestant.  The essence helps increase healthy transmission of the vagus nerve, associated with mind/stomach connections. This is where intuition plays a role in decision-making.

Mentally it acts as a “file deleter” and “trash empty” program. The cramming of too much information on a mental plane does not allow new possibilities to be explored. Like the ram in a computer – there is no more operating memory. It is not actually an anti-viral remedy, but it helps create the polarity necessary for the immune system to operate the way it was intended. It helps create awareness around the repetition of dogma that prevents the intake and assimilation of new information.

Flexibility, patience, discipline are all enhanced.

This essence helps prioritize what is important at this point, in people’s lives.  It is also the essence for people who feel they never have enough time; like the March Hare with the pocket watch in Alice In Wonderland shouting, “I’m late, I’m late”We believe that we live in linear time, but if the present moment is all that exists then it contains everything, including the past and the future. Stress related illness is the result of training our intellect to think of time as linear. In fact, in trying to adapt ourselves to linear time we must allow intellect to assume the role of ruler over our feelings.

We believe that we live in linear time, but if the present moment is all that exists then it contains everything, including the past and the future. Stress related illness is the result of training our intellect to think of time as linear. In fact, in trying to adapt ourselves to linear time we must allow intellect to assume the role of ruler over our feelings.

Consider how time rules every aspect of life. We get up at a certain time, not when we are rested. We go to work at a certain time and eat at specific times, not when we are hungry. If we are late we feel anxious. And time does not actually exist except as an idea.

Ocotillo reminds one to not put energy into things that are unproductive. Issues involving time and money become clear, with a letting go of preconceptions.

Ocotillo flower essence is, of course, prepared with tequila.


Suggested Reading: Space, Time and Medicine by Dr. Larry Dossey.




(Matricaria matricariodes)


KEYWORDS- mother, child, fontanel


Pineapple weed is indicated for issues that involve mother and child. It may be used frequently, whenever there is disharmony between the two, or for colic and vomiting in the baby. It also helps ease general nervous tension caused by tiredness and fatigue.

It is useful for issues involving mothers and their children whatever the ages involved. Pineapple weed flower essence can be used successfully in situations where mother and child reunions create stress. Separations, divorce, adoptions, and even death involving mothers and children call for the use of this essence.

One special use is the treatment of a few drops of the flower essence to the fontanel or soft spot on the baby’s head. This can be repeated as needed, and gently rubbed in. It may help draw the sensitive hollow up to the correct position. It combines well with Silverweed for mother-daughter issues.

This needs work, I will flesh out. R




(Calypso bulbosa)


Keywords- Appreciation of art. Developing and manifesting unique inner gifts.


Calypso is delicate and slender. The variety found in Alberta is usually magenta colored, with a little yellow and white. It is a tiny orchid, growing in a fierce climate. The plant is very rare but, when it does appear, it seems to occur in patches.

In populated areas, the plant is largely extinct due to picking. If disturbed even slightly the root and plant die. Calypso reminds me of a colony of artists, all unique beings, living in society, but away from it. The solid bulb, about one-half inch in diameter, replaces itself annually. In Alberta, we have seen large groupings of the orchid in late spring. It requires peace and quiet.

Fairy Orchid is useful to enhance the appreciation and creation of art. Light, color, and music may become sharper with the use of this essence. Fairy Orchid may bring out new energy patterns of creativity by heightening our awareness of what is around us and within us.

As creators, there are times we may feel like what we have to offer is not understood by those around us. At other times our creative force may be in a delicate state, needing nurturing and solitude to develop. These are crucial times in nurturing an idea or project, and if we are disturbed, or discouraged, the process may be interrupted.

It is important to take cues from Fairy Orchid and insist on privacy and focus at this time. We need to believe in and do whatever it takes to hatch our own development. It shows us the wisdom in nurturing and protecting what is rare and unique in ourselves.

In other words, remembering what special gift we are bringing to the planet, and how to develop it. This could be art, music, writing, personal insights, connection to the divine, or a new way for us to be in the world.

There are times when others give us clues about our gifts, but no one else can develop, grow and manifest what is inside us, but us. It is important at times to be solitary with this process. This means don’t interrupt the cycle with too much talking, venting, interacting or busyness. This will only lead to slowing down the process or lead to a miscarriage.

This cycle of hatching what is unknown and invisible requires trust that the process is on track and quiet connection. This requires a commitment to our intuitive, which lets us know what we need to keep growing. At this time, inner development is most important in our lives and should not be neglected, or diminished.

This flower offers another clue to feeding our artistic side. Each year when the flower forms, it uses its old bulb from the previous year, to seek nourishment from. It reminds us to extract insights and continuity from the old pieces of ourselves, and our family ancestry, that are still of value, and let go of that which no longer serves us.

It may also work to express our higher selves by supporting us in manifesting our good intentions.  It helps us put our ideals into action, allowing us to be the best we are capable of.

There is also some fairy influence with this flower, reflected in its name and properties. A little delicate magic exists in the realms of art, music, and inspiration. Calypsos live in harsh places, but bring loveliness into their environment. Demonstrating that often under-rated gifts of silence and natural beauty act as great inspiration.  This essence may influence the second, heart and crown chakras, allowing us to bring more light and joy into our daily lives.

This essence helps us see and protect what is special, not only in art but in people. It allows us to glean what is unique about ourselves, and others, and gently recognize and honor those qualities.



Hatching One’s Path.

It is natural that when birthing what is special that internal and external predators, such as apathy, impatience, distraction, mistrust, fear, or not believing in one’s self interferes with the process. It is important in these situations to over-ride all the forces that might derail you with gentle persistence and belief in what you are birthing.

When an extroverted friend of mine complained of restlessness, boredom, and irritation, I knew she needed to “hatch her path”. To do this: take four drops of Pink Fairy Orchid Essence. Visualize the egg you are sitting on. Notice its size, color and particular rhythm. When you connect to it, what does it tell you? What are its needs? What sort of thoughts, foods, or beauty would it benefit from? What will nurture it? What will slow or stop its growth?

Meditate daily on your new being. What are your dreams telling you about it? Your job now is to:

  1. sit on that egg, b) give it what it needs to grow, c) acknowledge that this hatching process, is something only you can do, d) commit to the time and responsibility this involves.

If you wish to develop and live your own path and manifest your soul’s purpose, it will take time, commitment and silence.  Pink fairy is the mid-wife of creativity.



Pond Lily/Water Lily

(Nymphaea odorata)


Key Words- Cosmic perspective, uniting heart, and head, Inner Harmony.


A white, pink or yellow, starburst flower nestled cozily upon a waxy, heart-shaped leaf, draws many admirers to this plant. The petal numbers range from 23-32. The plant’s adaptability is shown in the way it sends new stems up at varying heights, from year to year. The Iroquois used the plant to keep evil away.

Barbara Walker in the Women’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets says- “Nymphs served as priestesses in ancient temples where they represented flowering fertility. The name nymph was applied to a fairy.” As a flower signature, the star-like qualities of the plant seem to penetrate the heavens.


Nymphaea sits serenely on its heart-shaped leaf blending its cosmic, star qualities with heart- felt emotions. It remains untouched by human hurrying, remaining unruffled, contemplative. The flower essence may help us view the big cosmic picture while staying connected to the heart. Water lily essence helps us to glimpse our deep connections and promote an inner understanding that it will all end up, as it should be.

With this acceptance comes a calm acceptance of both day-to-day events and the inevitable pain in human life. If you feel disconnected from either the big cosmic picture of your soul or unable to reconcile how your daily tasks are related to the big picture, this essence may help offer perspective and relief. The plant calls when there are matters of the heart to sort out. It may also help us forgive ourselves, and others through gentle acceptance. Water lily essence supports a calm inner world in the midst of chaos.


The signature of Nymphaea reminds me of the Oriental goddess Kuan Yin, who earned the right to evolve beyond human form. She was one of the only beings ever known to turn down the privilege. Instead of escaping human suffering, she decided to stay on the threshold of human consciousness and help us learn the cosmic secrets to facilitate our own evolution. Like the pond lily, she embodies amazing compassion and universal wisdom.

Find a quiet place to sit, preferably viewing water. Place a picture of pond lily and Kuan Yin in front of you. Ingest the flower essence of Nymphaea, or place it on your crown and heart chakras. Breathe in and out calmly letting the waters of the world wash away all of your stress and worries. Let tide after tide, cleanse you. Then feel Kuan Yin’s dark compassionate eyes gaze at you, looking deep into your heart. Feel your heart open and grow, silent and strong like the water lily blooming in the sun.

When your heart opens, look up to the cosmos and witness the stars, the immensity of the universe. Feel yourself exiting gently out of your crown chakra, still connected to your body by a chord. When you sense you may be outside of your own body, open up to the grand picture, the universal immensity.

Feel the freedom of flowing unencumbered through the universe, picking up wisdom and insights as you travel. At the same time let go of anything that no longer serves you, gently, kindly watch it dissolve, returning to the source. Then gently come back to your body, back through your crown chakra.

Place this serene wisdom in your heart. Feel the expansion, the comprehension that emerges when you relax with the unknown. Come back and write down the experience. Thank Kuan Yin, Nymphaea and other guides for your journey.



Ode to Water Lily


Climbing from your watery depths,

Nursed on a pond nymph’s generous breast

Green Heart leaves spread like canopies

Starburst flowers rest on these.

The cosmic wisdom of this flower

Shows life is guided by a higher power

When we search for increased calm.

The dew of Water Lily is our healing balm.

Sit with this flower to release pain.

What aches today, tomorrow will wane.

Trust in the universal there’s much we don’t see.

Water Lily’s essence is serenity.




(Rubus idaeus)


KEYWORDS- Getting life on track. Defining what one wants. De-cluttering.


The raspberry’s five-petaled flowers are usually white but can be pinkish. The roots are tenacious and in the right situation can live for many years. Raspberry roots do not like to be wet over extended periods. The barbs on raspberry bushes protect the bitter/sweet fruit.

This essence may help people get back on track with their own life path and journey. It enhances the process of clarifying what feels right and worthwhile. A way to do that is demonstrated by the plant itself. It grows more fruit when its branches are thinned. When we de-clutter our homes, cars, work-sites, and minds we function more efficiently.

The fruit’s barbs also remind us to use our emotional anger as a barometer, to determine why we are out of sorts. If we are unhappy for too long the barbs may either turn inward into depression or outward into being constantly grouchy or sarcastic about everyone and thing around us.

These are indications that we are discontent and need the courage to clarify and change what is no longer working. At times we may stay too long in places, jobs or relationships that are no longer right for us.  But we persist due to loyal and tenacious natures, or because we cannot envision another reality.  

Another interesting feature of this plant is its preference for “dry feet”. This shows us that sitting too long in depression and sadness can dampen our inner fire and ability to create enthusiasm and change.

Blowing on the embers of our own inner fires and treating them as sacred, allows us to nurture what warms us. This essence allows us to complete obsolete paths or to change our course if desired. It is for people who have unfulfilled dreams eating away at them.  It helps to birth those dreams and actualize them. It is an essence for facilitating endings and opening the door for new beginnings.

Raspberry helps people direct energy into what really matters to them, rather than into peripheral issues that mask the real issues.  This essence cuts to the chase of a problem, issue or desire, and often the real thing is much less scary than anticipated.




Time Management:

Experts in time management say that how we manage our time is not a dry, linear concept. Time used wisely is an ecological way to manage our most precious resource. If we fill it with what seems pressing, but not important, we will not get to what matters to us, and exhibit signs of being hectic and unfulfilled. Firstly ask yourself what special gift you are bringing to the world. This can be anything from programming computers to fixing cars, or being able to love deeply.

Then ask if you are using this gift in your daily life? Also determine what is most precious and meaningful to you. Are you using your time proportionately? Are you putting an equal amount of effort into developing and maintaining what is most important to you every day, or are you just responding to what you are used to?

Declutter your home, car, and office to cut distractions. Also take back your power to delegate or give away jobs or habits that do not bring you closer to what is meaningful.  You are not always locked into previous commitments. Sometimes admitting something is draining you and renegotiating a settlement can feel immensely freeing. It can be useful to make a list daily to help determine priorities. Remember to match the small duties to your big vision.

If like many people you spend much of your time doing what is urgent, and not important to you, life starts to feel less worthwhile. The trick is to bring more items that are important to everyday life so that your day reflects what matters to you. Combines well with Ocotillo.




Take four drops of raspberry essence. Create a list- Urgent & important; Important, not Urgent; Urgent, not important; Not urgent, not important.

Get rid of what is not urgent and not important. Put most time into what is both urgent and important and what is important, but not urgent.

Remember in Lord of the Rings- “Gandalf’s wise words.  “All we must decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.”  In fact, this is our big question. Let raspberry help you answer this and live the response.







(Capsella bursa-pastoris)


KEYWORDS- Fertility, supporting feminine cycles.


Shepherd’s purse flower essence is related to the soul quality of fertility and feminine energy. It is useful for soothing the fear and negative emotions associated with various phases of the menstrual cycle. The essence is very useful for helping ease a young woman’s fear of puberty, relating to issues such as breast growth, or the pain and shock associated with the onset of menstruation.

It also can help ease the single woman’s fear of a missed period; and the worry of pregnancy; or to soothe the emotional roller coaster associated with a planned abortion.

Shepherd’s Purse flower essence may also restore menstrual cycles in very athletic women producing excess testosterone. It may also help individuals who have a fear or history of miscarriage during pregnancy, by relieving mental and emotional anxiety. For issues surrounding fertility consider combining this essence with She Oak from the Australian Flower Essences developed by Ian White, and/or fairy ring mushroom essence. Rogers (2016).

And, of course, those suffering in between period bleeding, or heavy, and painful menstruation that is associated with feelings of guilt, childhood abuse, or anorexic/bulimic patterns of imbalance can use it.

Women moving into the pre-menopausal cycle of life, as well as the menopausal transition, will find Shepherd’s Purse flower essence relieves fear and anxiety associated with moving into the unknown. The action of this essence is subtle and slow but deep acting.

I will expand on this.






(Potentilla anserina)


KEYWORDS- Communication, sensitivity, manifesting of intent, good mothering.


Silverweed flower essence helps enhance communication and sensitivity in families, groups or wherever a consensus must be reached peacefully. It heightens awareness of other people’s desires and concerns. It brings the individual, a natural balance of self-awareness and ability to manifest intent.

Our inner masculine works to accomplish what the imaginative inner feminine deems important.

Symbolically, it is also the affectionate mother, shielding a beloved daughter from anticipated calamity. Mythically, this is like Demeter the earth goddess not resting until she finds her daughter Persephone, abducted by Hades to be his queen of the underworld. She managed to negotiate Persephone’s yearly 6-month return to the earth, giving her daughter the gifts of light and joy for part of the year. This can be the best of mothering, rescuing the child when the situation is more than they can handle, but not taking them off their own path.

Silverweed is a nurturing, protective essence that deepens intuition and gives illumination and protection from within.

Needs work. Not sure why end of some essences does this weird thing of separating out.

(Drosera rotundifolia)


KEYWORD- Increases feminine energy in men and women, self-nurturing.


Men and women can use sundew flower essence for a similar purpose. Often times, there is a turning away or rejection of the feminine in the individual. In males, this creates an aggravation of masculine energy that can result in inappropriate expressions of anger. In the female, it helps ease the hardness of physicality and emotion that accompanies overly masculine energetics. This is especially important for women in traditional men’s occupations, and vice versa.

This essence may help individuals with issues of sexual identity, particularly when young.

Transgender, gay, lesbian and other sexual expressions may find a calming or soothing effect from the flower essence. It may also help create more comfort in “one’s own skin”, and assist growth and maturity.

This is similar to Bach’s Holly essence, where there is a feeling of being cut off from love, with anger, suspicion, and envy. Sundew acts differently in that it works through the throat chakra, and is indicated for those who suffer discomfort in that area. This may be due to fear they will be misunderstood, or fear of being confronted with their behavior or belief systems.

Sundew flower essence relieves the need for expression; and increases the ability to nurture oneself. It gradually softens and creates more receptivity in the individual. It also lends more creativity to traditional masculine pursuits like chess, contact sports, horse jockeys, sports car driving, and the like. It helps create greater awareness of timing; helping to power the intuitive with an accelerated drive.








(Linaria vulgaris)


KEYWORDS- Appreciation of silence; Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism.


Toadflax flower essence is helpful to those individuals that catch themselves saying ” I should have…..”.By stuffing down what they were feeling or experiencing at the moment, out of fear or embarrassment; they deprive themselves of the opportunity to grow and expand.

It is also useful for helping bring individuals out of their mental and emotional shells. The essence is useful for those who have difficulty with quiet, in either a social or one on one situation. There may be the need to fill the “void” with constant chatter; which is in itself a type of avoidance.

A native elder said, ” Much silence has a mighty roar”. This essence is indicated for those who have difficulty with meditation, or activities that require silencing the conscious mind for focus and inner attention. It is of special importance to children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder or the like. Toadflax may help create focus and attention, by filtering out disruptive or secondary stimuli.

Toadflax flower essence may also be of use in autism, by helping create more opportunity for listening and expression.

I will flesh out.




(Alisma plantago-aquatica)


KEYWORDS- Balances sweetness, deprivation, manipulation.


This plant may help diminish excesses of the body and mind.  Often these patterns develop from past trauma, where someone has felt deprived. It can also arise if our caretaker suffered deprivation, and over-compensated with our care. How it manifests will depend on the type of deprivation. If there was fear of not enough food, the result might be over-eating, or over feeding dependents. Bulimia, anorexia, obesity or a love-hate relationship with food might develop.

If the past trauma was a lack of material possessions, there can be binges where buying and hoarding occur. With this pattern, a teeter-totter effect, of feast and famine might also manifest. Credit card debt or overspending could result, as could excessive saving and difficulty in spending money.

The excesses might also reveal themselves in emotional tones. One pattern women often manifest is being “too nice”. There is often a hidden agenda behind this behavior, either wanting to be approved of and liked, or gaining power by creating a dependency.

Water Plantain can help reveal the reason behind the excessive behavior. These patterns foster inauthentic relationships and lifestyles, because they are not based on sustainable behaviors. In the case of excessive sweetness, the sweet person will eventually feel resentful and used. If they keep up the inauthentic mask of kindness the person whom they initially charmed will also feel manipulated or misled.

Water Plantain helps elicit clarity of intent. It may balance tension allowing clarity or laughter to intervene, allowing mountains to be made back into molehills.  It helps wash away patterns of deception in interactions.

It may reduce emotional inflation and overreaction of all types. People are freed momentarily from their usual reactions so they have a choice. They can calmly view their patterns and decide if and how they would like to change them.



Take 3, 6 or 9 drops of Water Plantain. Go deep inside to meditate. Pinpoint the imbalance. (If it is not clear, ask what issue in your life is creating the most pain). If it is around food: ask – what inside me is hungry and needs to be fed? What would make me feel truly fulfilled?

If it is about spending and money, ask: What in me is deprived and needs filling? What would truly make me feel nurtured and fulfilled?

If the imbalance is around attention seeking, ask: “What in me needs to be noticed and paid attention to? If the imbalance occurs around approval and too much sweetness, ask: What inside me needs approval and acceptance? What may I give myself that will truly make me feel that I approve of, and accept myself?

Notice what signs come before the imbalances. Where in your body do you feel the deprivation? Where did it start? Spend some time talking to and connecting with that young part of yourself and be sure to give them real nurturing to heal the wound.





(Elaeagnus commutata)


KEYWORDS- Supports growth and transition. Guards boundaries.


The moon rules this plant. Its branches and leaves are silvery. The fragrant, tubular flowers have four petals, silver on the outside and yellow inside. Wolf Willow flower essence speeds up the dilation of the cosmic cervix allowing new birth. It is useful when individuals are going through transitions and re-birthing, or remaking themselves.

After the rebirth, new projections of who they have become are still fragile. Wolf Willow flower essence helps establish and guard the boundaries around the new personality, allowing the process to become permanent. We can make great changes in our lives that involve creating an intention and living it out. Yet, when it comes to long-term enforcement of that change, it is very easy to slip back into old behaviors. There are many reasons for this. Our family and friends often prefer us the “old” way, and may subtly nudge us back, i.e. “I liked you better when you cleaned up after me mom.”

Sometimes the sabotage happens for intrinsic reasons because we don’t know how to live with a new perception of ourselves. After the arduous job of weight loss, some women admit being uncomfortable with the attention their new form elicits. Also, it requires ongoing lifestyle shifts to maintain our changes and it is natural to grow weary of the day- to -day maintenance.

Yet, if we do not protect our new identities and behaviors, old realities creep back and we often end up disappointed. When making this essence I envisioned 6 wolves each guarding a spiritual direction: One wolf in the north- the direction of ancestors and regeneration; the second wolf in the east to support new beginnings, the third sits in the south where passion and creativity are honored, and the fourth wolf guards west, the direction of intuition and letting go of that which no longer serves us. The fifth wolf guards what is below and the sixth, what is above. Each wolf holds open the space to allow newness to emerge. They also alert us to interference from others around us, who benefit from us not shifting.

Take 6 drops of Wolf Willow Essence: Silently summon the six guardian wolves. Take a few minutes to notice each of them individually. Find out what they like and how you can develop a bond of trust with them. State your boundary intention clearly to the wolf guardians. i.e. “I wish to write my book in the next 3 months. If you notice internal sabotage or interference from me, or external sabotage from anyone around me, or outside circumstances, please alert me. Please give me recognizable signals at the first indication that this boundary is being crossed, and help me repair and reinforce it.” Thank your totem animals. You might further explore how the signals will manifest; example: “I will recognize a slight pain in my stomach, or feelings of irritation, as a signal that my boundary is being crossed.” Remember to monitor these signals, so you can respond to them. The wolves, in turn, might like affection, appreciation, or something you agree upon, as being an acceptable reward. Talk to the totems a couple of times a day, and keep your intention fresh.





This essence is to help bring us back into the present and help us consolidate when we feel fragmented, panicked or ungrounded.

It is made from Alberta Wild Rose, to bring back hope, spiritual replenishment, and deal with grief.


Buckbean helps keep us calm and in present time.


Coltsfoot assists in grounding. Coltsfoot may also aid our ability to breathe well and deeply. It is also a remedy to help old wounds heal.


Ocotillo allows old, undesirable memories to wash awayIt also encourages us to honor our gut feelings, so the choices we make are intuitively based.

Mix two drops of each essence in a one-ounce bottle, add distilled water and take as often as necessary.





Abandonment-Pineapple Weed- (separation, divorce, mother/daughter, reunions)

Acceptance-Larch- (self), Pond Lily- (cosmic)

Addictions –Alumroot, Clover Sweet, Dogbane

Adoption-Alfalfa- (fitting in), Pineapple Weed  

Alcoholism– Dogbane

Alienation– Pond Lily

Anger– Alfalfa- (financial)

Anxiety– Bindweed, Buckbean, Pond Lily

Apathy– Alberta Wild Rose

Appreciation- Bunchberry (of simple things)

Attention Deficit – Toadflax

Autism– Bindweed – Toadflax

Authenticity– Bergamot Wild

Balance- Water Plantain

Beliefs– Chaga, Couchgrass

Beauty  – Aloe Vera (inner), Bunchberry-  Fleabane- (outer)

Beginnings – Alum

Blame – Black Spruce, Couchgrass, Dogbane (self-Blame)

Bonding- Pineapple Weed (mother/child)

Boundaries – Wolf Willow

Calming –Bindweed,  Buckbean, Pond Lily,

E-Merg-ency Essence

Change – Couchgrass, Honeysuckle (fear of), Larch (allow by fostering competence) Raspberry  (to create)

Clarity– Black Spruce, Water Plantain (of intent)

Cleanses Psyche-Coltsfoot Communication– Silverweed

Compassion– Pond Lily

Confidence- Larch

Control– Mountain Ash (ease up)

Courage- Raspberry

Creativity- Lilac, Pink Fairy Lantern

Criticism– Aloe Vera

Deception– Bunchberry, Water Plantain

Decision Making-Coltsfoot, Raspberry


Define Desires – Raspberry

Depression-Alberta Wild Rose

Deprivation– Water Plantain

Destructiveness– Baneberry (self)

Detachment– Buckbean

Discernment – Baneberry, Coltsfoot (knowing what’s important) Fleabane

Discipline– Ocotillo (self)

Divorce – Pineapple Weed

Dreams – Lilac (imaginative),

Nightshade (going deeper)

Earth Consciousness – Black Currant  Emergency – E- Merg-En-cy Essence (to calm)

Endings– Raspberry

Endurance– Black Spruce (emotional)

Escapism- Dogbane (addictions), fleabane (to flattery)

Expression– Pink Fairy (creative), Sundew

Faith- Ammonite, Pond Lily

Fear– Alberta Wild Rose (of death), Clover Sweet (of change), Honeysuckle (of failure), Nightshade (of insight)

Feminine Cycles – Black Currant, Shepherd’s Purse

Femininity Lilac, Sundew (increases),

Fertility – Black Currant, Shepherd’s Purse

Flexibility – Chaga, Ocotillo

Focus – Buckbean (focus on present moment)

Ocotillo, Toadflax

Forgiveness-Pond Lily

Fragmentation E-Merg-ency Essence

Generosity – Alfalfa

Gifts – Coltsfoot  (recognize)

Goal Setting– Coltsfoot, Larch,(manifesting)

Grief – Alberta Wild Rose, Bergamot Wild (false tears), Pond Lily

Grounded – Coltsfoot, E-Merg-ency Essence

Growth– Couchgrass (letting go)

Wolf Willow (supports and protects)

Guilt– Baneberry,  Black Spruce, Dogbane

Harmony- Pond Lily (inner and cosmic)

Heal Old Wounds – Aloe (verbal) Coltsfoot (love).

Imagination– Lilac

Individuality– Bindweed, Pink Fairy

Inertia – Honeysuckle, Raspberry

Insecurity-Alfalfa (financial), Aloe Vera (self-image)

Inner Child- Lilac

Insight –Ammonite (time perspective) Lilac

Intent  – Water Plantain (clarifies)

Integration – Wild Bergamot

Intuition – Bearberry (new growth), Nightshade

Joy – Alberta Wild Rose, Lilac

Judgment– Baneberry

Kundalini Energy– Baneberry, Bearberry,  Bindweed

Life Path – Raspberry

Love – Alberta Wild Rose, Coltsfoot (wounds)

Lymphatic Decongestant– Ocotillo

Manifestation – Coltsfoot (envisioning future), Larch, Silverweed (good intent)

Manipulation – Water Plantain

Memory Loss– Clover Sweet

Menopause– Shepherd’s Purse

Menstruation– Shepherd’s Purse

Miscarriage – Shepherd’s Purse

Money-Alfalfa (not enough), Black Currant


Mother/ Child – Pineapple Weed

Mothering – Silverweed

Moving– Nightshade (trauma)

Neglect- Baneberry (self)

Nervous System– Bindweed

Nurturing- Lilac (self) Sundew

Obsessive Behavior – Alum

Overwhelm– Alum

Panic– E-Merg-ency Essence

Pattern Breaking- Water Plantain

Perfectionism– Aloe Vera (image), Larch

Personality (authentic)

Wild Bergamot, Pink Fairy Lantern

Perspective– Ammonite, Pond Lily, Raspberry

Perseverance– Honeysuckle, Raspberry

Pleasing– Mountain Ash (others)

Powerlessness – Water Plantain

Pregnancy – Shepherd’s Purse

Present Time- Ammonite, Buckbean


Prioritizing – Coltsfoot, Raspberry

Protection – Larch

Psychic– Bearberry (growth), Lilac (letting go) Nightshade (go deeper)

Puberty – Shepherd’s Purse

Receptivity –Lilac, Sundew

Scarcity – Alfalfa

Self- Aloe (acceptance), Black Currant (worth), Mountain Ash (sense of self), Silverweed (awareness), Sundew (nurturing).

Self-destruction – Baneberry

Sensitivity – Silverweed

Separation – Pineapple Weed

Sexual Wounds- Aloe vera

Shadow – Black Spruce

Shamanic Journeying – Nightshade

Silence – Toadflax (appreciation of)

Skills– Larch

Spacey – Buckbean (focus on present), Coltsfoot, E-Merg-ency Essence

Stability– Dogbane (inner)

Stubborn Behavior– Couchgrass

Sweetness – Water Plantain (excessive)

Tension– Pineapple Weed

Time Management – Ocotillo, Raspberry-

Transition -Wolf Willow

Transformation – Black Spruce







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About the Authors 


Robert Rogers – has had a profound attraction to flower essences since childhood, making various essences under his porch at the age of seven. Robert has a BA in Botany and has been an herbalist for around 40 years. He spent over 16 years of his career in clinical practice. He is the author of Fungal Pharmacy and over fifty books, mainly on herbs and mushrooms.  He is also an herbal consultant to various boards and industries in Canada.

Robert is co-director of the Earth Spirit Medicine program at the Northern Star College, Edmonton, where he teaches aromatherapy, herbology, flower essences, plant mythology and iridology. Robert’s books are available on his author’s page www.amazon.com/author/robertdalerogers

or their website www.selfhealdistributing.com



Laurie Szott-Rogers is an aromatherapist and product developer. She has a degree in general studies and a diploma in Applied Research. She enjoys neo-shamanic journeying and working with dreams. She has studied the mystic arts since childhood.

Laurie enhances each batch of flower essences with Reiki energy. She is a co-director of Earth Spirit Medicine and Practical Potions Aromatherapy. She is also the director of The Wise Woman Within-Intuitive Development Program at Northern Star College, Edmonton. Check www.northernstarcollege.com for educational opportunities.

Laurie has written a number of books, available on her author’s page

www.amazon/author/Laurie Szott-rogers

This is her website- www.selfhealdistributing.com




Books by Prairie Deva Press

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The Fungal Pharmacy: is a valuable resource to mycologists,

researchers, oncologists, environmentalists, ecologists, wild-crafters,

scientists and anyone else interested in medicinal mushrooms. From

folklore to modern scientific analysis, the Fungal Pharmacy presents

inspiration and hope for increasing the health and well-being of

humans and other inhabitants of our planet. By Robert, Dale Rogers.

Full color, non-fiction, 234 pgs. Retail Price $39.95


For a plethora of Robert’s Herbal and Fungal books go to Robert Rogers @ www.Amazon.ca


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The Path of the Devas: by Laurie Szott-Rogers

Motivated by his love for Mother Earth, and talent to talk directly

to plants, Dr. Bo Tannic teaches pre-teens to adults how to connect with nature. He is aided by his colleague Mr. Fungus, an amateur mycologist with a love for food and life and a group of children who

find a sense of belonging in their ecological mission. The reader is introduced to a magical cast of characters – the Council of Plants and Nature Devas, as they explore plant medicine and ecology. Join the team as they work to restore a ravine, nurture a forest and stand up

to destructive forces. Fiction, soft cover, 194 pgs. Retail Price $13.95

Healing the Goddess Wound: Laurie Szott-Rogers, Prairie Deva Press, 2012./ revised 2014

Embark on a journey to meet eight Greek goddesses that enter all women’s lives.  Each one provides life lessons in a chapter of our psyche’s.  Each divine being has a different style, intent, influence, and will connect uniquely, with every individual. 248 pgs. $24.95



Healing the Goddess Wound Workbook:

Laurie Szott-Rogers, Prairie Deva Press, 2013 revised 2014

Go on your own personal retreat with eight Goddesses.  Move through their lessons and arrive at your own insights.  Do deep, healing inner work as you answer in-depth questions about how you have integrated eight Goddess messages into your own life.


The Healing Goddess Oracle:

The Gods and Goddesses that grace each of our lives represents thousands of years of tradition and collective unconscious patterns.

Using The Healing Goddess Oracle cards helps you find out ‘who is showing up’, on that day, week or year of your life and tap into what their message might be.

Allow the 34 archetypal gods, goddesses, and mythical oracles to come alive in your imagination, as they bring insight, blessings, and meaning into your day.

Set also includes a 48-page, color book, explaining the messages of the oracles.  56 pages, Full color- $19.95- run cards off on your own computer

Book and cards- complete set- full color- $39.95




Scents of Wonder- An Easy Guide to Aromatherapy:                       Laurie Szott-Rogers,


A simple booklet explaining what essential oils are, cautions and how to use them. Twenty top essential oils are discussed. Get to know essential oils and ignite your Scents of Wonder, with this quick and straightforward, aromatic guide.

2013 Approximately 40 pages. pdf. $5.95

Scents of Wonder – Aromatic Solutions for Health, Beauty and Pleasure
Laurie Szott-Rogers 2014,

Step forward and inhale your own individualized floral paradise. Aromatherapy offers a wide array of scents that keep you smelling the beauty around you, throughout your day. Add spearmint to your shower gel to wake you up with zing. Try rosemary in your car diffuser to stay more alert and use chamomile on your pillow to rest more deeply.

Have you ever wanted to create your own spa day? Laurie includes recipes for masks, creams, serums, and lotions- inspired by the goddesses, to nourish your skin. Read about the properties of over 100 essential oils, and tips from a 27‑year veteran, aromatherapy instructor, and blender. This virtual course in aromatherapy offers practical tips to enhance every room of your home. Learn to love what’s right under your nose and bring aromatic pleasure into your every day.

166 pages, Full Color, $34.95

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