The Practical Potions, E-Course Apprentice Ship, Adventure, Certificate Program

All Aboard!

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The Apprentice Ship Adventure, Certificate Program, (Part One) Includes:

All Aboard the Practical Potions

E-Course, Apprentice Ship Adventure!

What is in the Practical Potions, Certificate Program, E-Course, Apprentice Ship Adventure?
  • Write ups of each essential oil and carrier oil
  • Videos on the properties of essential oils
  • Exercises to develop your scent memory
  • Meditations to meet the Council of Plants and establish spirit guides
  • Video demonstrations on how to use essential oils
  • A Practical Potions Journal with recipes and ideas
  • Songs, games, charts - by other students
  • Student Projects - to ground the oils into your life and connect with the plant devas
  • Teachings from 2 alternative health teachers and authors, who have been teaching and creating for more than 50 years, combined
  • Over 70 hours of equivalent classroom teaching
  • Animated instructors, Fairies, devas, flowers, a crone goddess, and an elusive wizard
  • Certification for successful completion of the Apprentice Ship E-Course by the Northern Star College

The Practical Potions, E-Course, Apprentice Ship Adventure, will give you credit toward a Diploma in the Earth Spirit Medicine Program, at The Northern Star College. 

Certificate Program - $1,595.00 Canadian

There are no refunds for The Apprentice Ship Adventure - Take a Free Cruise, to try before you buy!

All Aboard the Pleasure Cruise Now!

What is in the Full Practical Potions E-Course, Pleasure Cruise Adventure?
  • C?ontains the same information as the Apprentice Ship Adventure
  • Does not require homework
  • Does not include certification

$1,195.00 Canadian

There are no refunds  - Take a Free Cruise, for the Certificate Program, to try before you buy!

The Advanced Practical Potions Diploma Program

If you complete the Certificate Program, (Above), a new Practical Potions, Aromatherapy Diploma Program will be available from The Northern Star College, in September.

In the Advanced Diploma Course, graduates of the certificate program will be eligible to move to the diploma course to learn more about essential oils. They will deepen their aromatic knowledge and learn how to create product more professionally. 

 Check out the new, advanced level course The Practical Potions, Diploma Program at The Northern Star College, Practical Potions, Website Page.


If you are a graduate of The Practical Potions Introductory Course and would like to further your knowledge you may sign up for the Advanced, Practical Potions Adventure by calling Catherine at 780 447-3667 and leaving a message, or emailing her your request Catherine will handle all financial or administrative questions. After September 1, you may also sign up through paypal.


Taught by Robert Rogers – a woodsy, herbalist with a wizardly glint and Laurie Szott-Rogers a faery-sized, aromatherapist with a pantry of potions.